Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Curve 'O' Learning

A small letterboard in the doorway of a local office building lists "The Institue For Teaching Thinking." The pomposity and the clumsy double participle made this an instant family joke.

I have been messing with the blogger template. That's what made me think of "teaching thinking." I managed to turn Anita Rust green, and make her font smaller, then changed her back. (Institute for Shrinking Fonting. Consider the lilies, they neither font nor shrink.)

I learned what a permalink is.

I did manage to shrink the toast's font, but it looked all smashed up and weird, so I restored it.

But the big news is that I have learned to make things bold. And also to italicize them.


Hold on, I'm gonna check. If the internet collapses, let me just state categorically: IT WAS NOT MY FAULT !!!

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