Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Mitthead Panders On. And On. And ON.

So the Massachusetts legislature met for yet another session, and narrowly passed a separate-and-unequal, civil-rights-denying, separation-of-church-and-state abrogating travesty of an amendment with which they propose to desecrate the State Constitution.

The Mitthead wasted no time -- the guy needs a choke collar to keep his urge to pander in reign -- getting on the TV and vowing to petition the Supreme Court for a stay in the May 17th deadline for allowing same sex marriages. This was minutes after his Attorney General -- Tom Reilley, a same-sex marriage foe, and the only person empowered to bring such a petition -- had told Romney that he would NOT do so, as it would be illegal; the Court had clearly spoken. Sorry, Gov. no can do.

Cut to the Mitthead, waxing moronic and Republicanic about "the people." How they must be allowed to "speak."

How they must, for reasons of bigotry, hatred and narrowly denominational religious doctrine, be allowed to deny a minority full participation in the rights and obligations of society.

I take comfort in my conviction that history, from the vantage point of future social enlightenment, will judge him harshly: bigoted, cowardly, pandering, backward-looking, self-serving. Our state has been blessed with numerous excellent civil servants -- Paul Tsongas, Mike Dukakis, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Barney Frank -- who have been consummately professional, dedicated and even visionary in their service.

This is in great contrast to Mr Romney who brings to office the narrow concerns of the venture capitalist CEO that he was: money, autocratic power, personal gain and personal ambition.

Of course, the likelihood is that this amendment, this ridiculous and cumbersome construction will collapse under the weight of its own grotesquerie long before it ever reaches the ballot. By that time, thousands of same sex marriages will have occurred, the world will NOT have ended. It will even be a brighter and happier world ! There will be more love, more freedom, more connection, more tolerance.

And the Mitthead and his Phelpsian best buds will be left to preach to a dark and increasingly empty house.

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