Friday, April 13, 2007

The Muse In The Machine

But, lest you think my hospital is run by ICD-9-obsessed, soulless bureaucrats, it has allowed the installation into our "EMRs" of "Voice Recognition Software" which, from time to time, seems to inspire the program to break into postmodern verse --

Bowser Graininess

i saw her in the low
and he is in the hospital
and painful he is in the
with a blue hue breaking from the globe

and we were here now
and he could be any birth control pills
and is no
is a but
nothing anything is possible

and will go from the

(This poem -- or poEMR, if you will --may be the first recorded example of new subgenre of Flarf which henceforth shall be known as EMflaRf .

This, along with Bro. Bartleby's De Profundis Clamavi button, is giving me the courage to soldier on.

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