Sunday, June 10, 2007

Anglican Band Chocolate

I've never done a fundraising "Walk For...." -- the walking part is not what has daunted me, it's the asking for sponsors part. It brings back bad memories of having to go door-to-door to peddle big blocks of bad chocolate to raise money for the Andover High School Band. But the time has come.

The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts has an AIDS project in Africa called the Jubilee Ministry. Each year there are fundraising walks for this important work, and I've signed up to walk.

If anyone feels moved to sponsor yours truly (or Christ Church, Waltham, or any other parish or person !) on June 23rd's walk , simply click on the link -- JUNE JUBILEE 2007 --and look for "tatarunis" or "Christ Church, Waltham" on one of the pull down menus !

Thanks !

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