Friday, February 27, 2009

A. Sophie

Aunt Sophie -- or A. Sophie as she liked to call herself in recent years -- died yesterday, by all appearances quite peacefully, sitting in her armchair at breakfast. She was 93. As valiantly and elegantly as she'd led her last years, she'd constantly hoped for death: she'd outlived Uncle Pete, and all her dearest friends. True, she had pals at the assisted living, but it was not the same as with the old pals -- Helen & Roland, Ruthie & Tom, Marion & Tony, the old gang, all dead now. Sophie was an exemplar of endurance and dignity, wit and kindness. Dad, by his account, despite his sadness, was jubilant that her end was so graceful. No hospital, no pain, no nursing home. Just drifting off into death, as she so often did into sleep, in her armchair. We will miss our dear matriarch. Requiescat in Pacem, A. Sophie.

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