Sunday, July 21, 2013

Still ?

Neither arch- or seraph-,
far too old for cherub,
more drone than anything,
he punches the guard clock
of his night watch,
pushing the allowance
of fatigue and indifference,
and hauls his yellowing
half-stripped scapulae
unflappable behind him
and over me.


christopher said...

Oh no...a worn out angel. If this is your guardian then I suggest getting much more alert. You might need to be this angel's protector rather than the other way around.


forsythia said...

Start interviewing a replacement today.

christopher said...

forsythia has a point.

Paula said...

I love the poor old guy -- "unflappable" has a double meaning -- he's still on his rounds despite it all...and taking care of me...wouldn't trade him for a glittering Garbriel !