Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Dossier and Dossier by the Moment

I offered to "sex-up" DKs promotion "dossier" (their word) and he was briefly taken aback, not being the BBC listener I am, and not having followed the "sexing up the dossier" scandal that led to Dr Kelly's suicide and the judicial hearings and actual accountability being sought.

I told him GOVERNMENTS produce dossiers. Part-time harmony teachers should not have to.

I think the requirements of his dossier have resulted in a document probably more complicated and byzantine that Tony Blair's. He showed me two three ring binders worth of stuff. John Heiss was faxing supporting documents here at 8 this morning. But at least DKs "dossier" has integrity, in grand contradistinction to Tony Blair's and to all the material Dubya et alia foisted forth as reasons for war.

DK worked on his dossier (God I love that word) for days. I told him I'd insert some text about New England Conservatory possessing harmonies of mass destruction with a 45 minute launch capability toward Berklee "Nothing Conservatory About It" College of Music. He declined.

I think the work "dossier" is ALMOST as cool as the French name Didier.

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