Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Meat World

Schwarzenegger's governor of CA.

How can this POSSIBLY be ? The Hitler-admiring, woman-demeaning actor and body-builder, apparantly no stranger to various Republican and ENRON related back rooms, has been, basically, installed by the Republican right wing as GOVERNOR of California. The sound of collective jaw dropping in the progressive -- nay, in the common-sense ! -- community is deafening. The nation's cases of severe TMJ syndrome increase logorithmically, from the dropping and the gnashing...

How CAN it be. HOW ?

One plunges gratefully into a dither of inarticulateness. Oh how I wish I could ululate.

He said he enjoyed getting away with upending a woman robot in a toilet. He said he wished there could have been "something floating" in the toilet. He admired Hitler's "public speaking" skills. He admired Nazi Kurt Waldheim. His movies are exemplars of mindless violence and brutality.

He is GOVERNOR of California this morning.

In the food section of the Globe some foodie twitlet "Julie Michaels" was reviewing a trendoid Berkshire Tanglewood take-out eatery. She praised their "braised duck legs" then commented one could sit out on the joint's riverside deck and watch "a friendly mallard and her brood" paddle by.

How cute ! How delicious !! I can just picture the culture-voracious yuppie family pounding down their trendy pre-Tanglewood picnic on the deck overlooking the (Julie's gushy words) "just-about-perfect Williams River":

"Ashley, sweetie, look at the Mommy Duck and her Baby Duckies ! Aren't they SWEET ????"

"Yeth, Mommy."

"Now eat your braised duck leg or we'll be late for SYMPHONY."

Oh how I would LOVE to vote for fellow vegan, Dennis Kucinich. How I would love him to be a victorious vegan David to Arnold's carnivorous meat-world Goliath !

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