Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Blogging About Blogging Is Like Boggling About Googling

"Blogging about blogging" opens the file in my brain where the famous quote "talking/writing about music is like dancing about architecture" is stored. Leaving aside the humiliating insight that my intellect operates via clang associations rather than profound metaphorical or logical connections, I Googled the phrase to see who said it.

Turns out no one really knows. It's variously attributed to Elvis Costello, Frank Zappa, Laurie Anderson, Steve Martin, John Cage, Clara Schumann, Thelonious Monk and others.

But Googling "blogging about blogging is like" returns no hits. Neither does the subtly different but related "blogging about blogs is like."

So does it fall to Paula's House of Toast to inject a half baked phrase into the Googlanacular ?

Looking at my stats recently, I learned that the Paula's House of Toast ranks first out of 427 on the Google search paula begone. I have seen bloggers boast about their blog being the first ranked hit of various google searches, so this is my blog brag. Blog brag. Now there's a horrid little phrase. Paula, begone !

I am sorry to have to admit that my other blog, "Anita Rust," is buried deep on page thirteen of the Google search results on physical control of nematodes by steaming.

I'm gonna steam them worms right outta my hair.

I like effecting Google. That's probably evil. Narcissistic. Increasing the noise to signal ratio for serious web searchers. I feel like a gnat on an elephant. Pesky, small, possibly carrying some spirochete-related contagion.

But, I'm sorry, call me callous, call me elitist, anyone needing "robin cook toxin character analysis" -- as if Dr Cook's medical thrillers contain "characters" nuanced enough to withstand "analysis" -- deserves to be confronted with whatever Anita Rust has to say. And that someone might be writing about Toxin as an academic assignment frankly boggles. And that they're Googling for help, boggles further.

And there we have our half-toasted phrase: Blogging About Blogging Is Like Boggling About Googling.

And I, Paula, said it first.

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