Friday, January 09, 2004

Loathsome Neo-Phelpsian Ron Crews "Misspoke" Quoting Zogby Poll / News / Local / Opposition leader says he 'misspoke' on poll findings

And I would characterize "misspoke" as another instance of misspeaking.

He LIED. Then lied about lying. He distorted the poll results by dismissing 13 questions as merely "demographic," and quoting only those seven that clearly supported his loathsome agenda. Another way of saying this is that he bore false witness. Broke a commandment. ("Doctor" Crews is an evangelical pastor, a right wing Republican zealot and member of the Georgia state legislature from 1992-1998.

What poll questions did he dismiss as merely "demographic" ?

Respondants approved of the recent Massachusetts Supreme Court decision in favor of gay marriage 36% to 20% (with an alarming 40% admitting cluelessness.) Plus "Forty-eight percent of those polled agreed with the idea that "marriage is such an important institution that it should be defined in our constitution as the union of a man and a woman." Forty-nine percent disagreed."

Those, Dr Crews, are not merely demographic questions.

Let me be even clearer. The Globe quotes Crews:

"When first asked Wednesday, Crews said that the seven questions he released were the only ones with valuable polling data and that the others were demographic in nature."

Liar. Hypocrite. Bigot.

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