Monday, April 13, 2015

By Way Of Explanation

There is a reason for my recent radio silence that's known to only a few of my internet friends. On 2/14 I had a sudden cerebellar bleed: the AVM discovered at the time of my chronic subdurals last summer (and irradiated 12/2015 for 3-4 year cure} burst and  I had a subarachnoid and intracerebellar bleed.

I don''t  remember the next 2 weeks of Mass General neuro ICU and step down. I begin to remember my subsequent course at rehab -- Spaulding for 1 month amd Hebrew Rehab for 2 weeks. I scared the shit out of my dear loyal husband and everyone else, including me, but am home now for 3 days facing unknown prognosis -- at best prolonged recovery of some  degree of function.  But for now its dizziness, imbalance, a mild right intention tremor of  arm and leg, double vision: can't write, hard to read, using an eyepatch, must use a walker to get around and be chaperoned on stairs -- all galling to this independent woman. No work for now (or ever ?) and another angiogram next Monday to embolize the remaining AVM.  Ugh.

I am grateful for my supportive friends and family, especially my infinitely capable and patient husband and my doting son; I am grateful for my skilled providers and my health insurance; I'm. (as attenuated as I am at this point ) glad to be  alive. 

There's nothing like a sudden calamity to bring things into perspective.

More, later, I suspect.