Sunday, May 08, 2016

Photo Booth

I don't know if any of you are still out there reading...but if you are, I thought you might want to see some of the photo booth pictures that Paula took of herself. Photo booth, if you're not familiar, is a mac application that lets you take pictures from a camera mounted on the screen. Paula, generally, was camera shy. An introvert. She was fond of making self-effacing comments about her self: she enjoyed claiming that she was: a "crone".
But: she left, taken between 2011 and early 2015, FOUR HUNDRED of these pictures. Laughing,frowing, smiling, scowling, all kinds of moods. She went all photo shop on a few...
She was clearly documenting herself. Record keeping. Creating a history...just for herself, I think.
You can get a sense of what season it was from what she was wearing.

I love these pictures. She's so beautiful in them. And they are so honest.

I'm putting a random selection here, in chronological order.