Sunday, May 08, 2016

Photo Booth

I don't know if any of you are still out there reading...but if you are, I thought you might want to see some of the photo booth pictures that Paula took of herself. Photo booth, if you're not familiar, is a mac application that lets you take pictures from a camera mounted on the screen. Paula, generally, was camera shy. An introvert. She was fond of making self-effacing comments about her self: she enjoyed claiming that she was: a "crone".
But: she left, taken between 2011 and early 2015, FOUR HUNDRED of these pictures. Laughing,frowing, smiling, scowling, all kinds of moods. She went all photo shop on a few...
She was clearly documenting herself. Record keeping. Creating a history...just for herself, I think.
You can get a sense of what season it was from what she was wearing.

I love these pictures. She's so beautiful in them. And they are so honest.

I'm putting a random selection here, in chronological order.


Forsythia said...

I miss her.

Lucy said...

As soon as this came up on the feed I was over. What a wonderful, poignant treasure to have, and how very soulful and beautiful she was.

My best to you.

PseudoPiskie said...

Thank you. I miss her outlook on life via her photos and words.

Darrell Katz said...

I miss her every minute of every day...I don't think I will ever get used to her being gone,

Les said...

Wonderful. Thanks for posting these. Such an amazing woman.

Anonymous said...

Darrell, I don't know you at all apart from what Paula wrote about your music, and your journeys together, and what you yourself have written on this blog since Paula died, and it's simply not possible to compare the terrible bereavement you have suffered with the feelings of loss experienced by Paula's online followers such as myself who never knew her personally, yet I feel that this offering you have made of her forays into trying to capture the visual essence of herself is a most amazing gift for you to give us strangers. I thank you. And I'm sorry for the length of that first sentence.

Zhoen said...

Hello. Gentleeye told me of Paula this week, so I had to come visit. I'm so sorry for your loss.

I read here a lot, ten years back or so. Her photographs of tiny worlds writ large inspired me to look deeper. She was amazing.

Of course, as some friends do, I drifted, though I never forgot. How could I? How could anyone forget Paula?

Darrell Katz said...

I certainly will not ever forget her.

Jeffrey Hannan said...

Hello Darrell - gentleeye echoes my sentiments entirely. Thank you for the photo booth pics.

In your eulogy, your beautiful rendition of how you used to spend your days apart and yet always together -- you with your music, she with her poetry, photography, blog -- was lovely and inspirational. We should all be so fortunate to achieve even a fraction of that state. I go back and read your words from time to time, as a lesson, or to bolster me.

Paula was truly a modern day Thoreau; please keep the blog active so those of us who miss her writing will still have access to it and so hopefully others will discover her gift.

Clawson said...

Thanks, Darrell.

She's better than Thoreau: he couldn't write a lick of poetry.
Hers ranks with the best, the very best.