Thursday, February 26, 2004


All living things are one seamless body
and pass quickly from dark to dark
(First Dedication)

The chaplain, our office manager said, was in the clinic. Did anyone want ashes ? I asked whether taking ashes was strictly Catholic, and, if so, was it, like communion, closed to Protestants. My colleagues were vague on the theology. One, chagrined, did not know that she was not allowed to share communion in a Catholic Church. I tried to explain the theology as I understood it: transubstantiation effected only by priests in lineage with the Pope. A Catholic colleague chimed in: but lay ministers give the Eucharist all the time ! Hmm. The discussion lapsed. There were no takers for the ashes.

One seamless body. These branches seem to tango. And seem a pieta. In any case, they remind me of the kind of "love" that "seamless body" implies.

For Lent I will attempt to give up 15 minutes a day of discursive thought.

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