Thursday, April 08, 2004

Quick, Roll Up The Welcome Mat

Just Visiting

Excuse me, I am just visiting,
can you tell me where I can find our host ?
Yes, those are my pantyhose
hanging in the bathroom.
They should be dry by morning.

Excuse me, I am just the house guest,
do you remember when or how I got here ?
That sandwich you’re eating looks awfully good,
may I have it ? Thank you.
I would also like that beer.

Excuse me, I don’t really live here,
but I can’t help noticing your dapper husband.
In fact, last week I seduced him
and now I am great with child !
Will you care for it when we fly to Barbados ?

Pardon me, pardon me, I know this is not my house,
but the milkman is dead on the kitchen floor
and I have run out of chalk !
(If you’re offering the Medical Examiner some coffee,
I shall have some, too. Are there cookies ?)

Excuse me, sorry to interrupt, it’s just me, the guest,
my cousin Tadeusz has just arrived from the sanitarium,
and will need to be quarantined.
Can you tell me where to find the cotton bandages
and the duct tape ? No, please don’t get up.

Hello, excuse me. I am the guest.
My cat is stuck in your harp again
and it’s five minutes to show time. This time
please avoid the strings where he is tangled.
He has such delicate skin.

Um, it’s me again, the houseguest, remember me ?
Tomorrow the roman a clef I have written about you
will be published. I decided to leave in
the chapter about the goats after all.
I hope I have not ruined your lives.

Oh, the sorry lot of the visitor --
one moment enjoying all the intrigues and passions
that la comedie humaine has to offer (even the bitter ones
and the ones of a wry and piquant ambiguity)
and the next moment gone.


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