Saturday, February 26, 2005

My God Mammon

In a rare moment of candor, 2008 presidential hopeful, Mormon elder, former venture capitalist and current Massachusetts Governor-Despite-Himself Mitt "The Mitthead" Romney

whose remarkable resemblance to Dr Bob Dobbs of the Church of the Subgenius

is a phenomenon whose significance has yet to be fully deconstructed, took a break from gay bashing ("They're even having CHILDREN ! Ewwww !") during a recent Utah speech to declare that

"America's culture is also defined by the fact that we are a religious people,"
Romney said. "We recognize our God not only in our Declaration of Independence, but even in our currency."

There is much grist for the theopolitical mill in his weighty words. Is God "in the currency" or, transubstatiated, "the currency" itself ? Will capitalism undergo a quasi Protestant/Catholic schism over this issue ?

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