Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bugs Out

DKs macho little machine, aka the Canon Powershot A80,

has been strutting its stuff,

and, I must say, its macro ability -- even without the beautiful little D250 close-up lens that one can screw into its front -- is impressive.

And with the little lens,

it's almost ridiculous

But none of the digital pictures I took of the stand of bellworts by the path came out as well as this (digitally scanned) film photo.

The film image is soft, gentle, dreamy.

And even though -- maybe even because -- one can't see the wings on the gnats on the feathers of these 35mm geese, the image makes its visual point which, to my mind's eye, is the arc made by the black-and-white heads as they disappear behind the embankment.

A snippet of the previous night's dream came to me yesterday morning when I was blow-drying my hair. The dream was about a wooden chair -- a strange, misshapen hybrid of a chair with two seats. In the dream, I offered to take it and place it in my room where my zafu was. The day before, DK had showed me an old newspaper clipping, a faded photo of a two-headed turtle. That's the literal origin, I think, of the conjoined chair. Initially I wondered whether the two seated chair symbolized some Buddhist-Christian merger. It was, after all, to take the place of the zafu. Now I think the symbol serves equally well for a partnership of digital and analogue.

Now if only the macho little machine came with a dream-lens attachment, or at least a USB cable for downloading dream-images directly to photoshop !

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