Thursday, November 24, 2005

It Was Thanksgiving

You could tell because there were turkeys.

Even on the birthday cake.

And there was pie. Nice pie. Lemon meringue pie.

Sherry retired to her chamber.

Steve said the cricket had been there all week.

As we drove home I amused myself with tree sillhouettes.

What's that sound ? !!!

There was room at the inn. In Woburn. Woe Burn !

I have my mobile phone, I said. Mobile phone ? he asked.

There were cakes in a bubble.

And a triple A case number.

There was even some flora

a frond

and some leaves.

There was entertainment.

There was art.

Soon help arrived. (I wish you'd stop doing that.)

It was Ramsey Winch, from Tulsa. (Do you have to keep doing that ?)

The tow cab smelled nice. (Will you please stop doing that !)

It had a view out the back.

I bet you're just gonna put those in your blog.

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