Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Snap, Crackle, Chop

So I was dictating a slightly snarky note about a new patient whose workman's comp carrier had suddenly decided-- at the point where an MRI was requested by the occupational health clinic -- that his recurrant symptoms were not work-related and further care would have to be through his own insurance and PCP. Since he has no PCP he ended up in the walk-in clinic where I work.

The spectacle of yet another payor trying to weasel out of paying on the slimmest of pretenses was giving me heartburn. Work-related heartburn, oddly enough.

So I was dictating and being a wee tad snarky, and for the word "bureaucracies" my pal the dictation software decided to cheer me up with a choice malaprop:

puerile crispies

What a grand new word for those bureaucrats whose mission in life it is to deny healthcare to people who need it!

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