Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Root Of The Problem

"Loving the humour, rigour & fierceness of Hokai Sobal. Buddhism without balls is just Lameism," tweeted Some Dude whose tweet somehow landed on my twitter stream.

I sighed. Loudly. You probably heard it. That was NOT the wind in the trees.

And all suddenly became clear, my whole dystopic, life-long attempt to sojourn amidst the doctrinally religious was doomed from the start.

Because I have no balls !

I and my kind are, therefore, spiritually, religiously, intellectually and doctrinally Lame. With, no less, a capital L.

Devoid of "humour, rigour & fierceness." Which are, apparantly, ball-related characteristics.

OK, religious dudes, you win. I relinquish all further attempts at entering the vast man-caves of the major religions. Take your altars, your manly lace and brocade, your hierarchies, your robes, your Asian names, your bread-into-flesh magic.

Knock yourselves out.

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