Saturday, May 08, 2004

... a mouse is miracle enough to stagger sextillions of infidels...

A cheerful young contactor bought the mouldering duplex nextdoor, gutted and spiffed up the first floor, moved in upstairs, and now seems to be turning his attention to the dilapidated exterior. My study is vis a vis with the second floor and the rotted moulding of the eaves -- ingress for a family of nimble squirrels. I like to imagine their cozy attic den. Easy for me to say. It's not my attic.

Today we woke to a tall ladder propped against the house's side, and a wire cage sitting on the rooftop perpendicular to the eaves. All afternoon squirrels have been sniffing at the cage. They appear agitated, suspicious. Do they sense that an eviction notice has been posted ?

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