Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Waters Recede

These are last year's knotweed stalks, hollow like bamboo, floating in the mucky river flood of several weeks ago. Japanese knotweed proliferates madly every year. Apparantly, given its botanical druthers, it would take over the earth. It's fully capable of reproducing sexually, in fact produces pretty little white flowers and handsome golden seeds, yet its wild profligacy is apparantly via rhizomes. I have read that, in Great Britain, all knotweed is of a single clone, and some feel that knotweed, taken collectively, is "The World's Largest Female."

You go girl.

I ventured down to the river bank last weekend, through the burgeoning shrus and bushes, to catch a glimpse of the marvelous marriage of nature and artifice that I stumbled across a few months ago -- a tree root grown straight through a jug handle.

It was gone. Buried. The silt from the swift, flooding river had covered it over. Had I been its only witness ? Will there be others who chance upon it after I am long dead ?

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